Firearm injuries are preventable

Santa Fe, TX, suffered the 22nd school shooting in 2018.

Already this year, more than 22,000 Americans have died from gun injuries.

Yet we continue to rely on thoughts and prayers – instead of knowledge and action.

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It doesn't have to be this way

Words are not enough.  Gun violence is a public health crisis, and physicians will find solutions to end this epidemic if we invest in the process to figure out what works.

It's going to take research

As physicians, we have opportunities to intervene at critical moments in patients’ lives when there is a risk of gun violence, but we can’t solve a public health crisis without medical evidence.



We can create a different path

Exactly $0 are appropriated for gun violence research to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our nation’s premier public health organization.

AFFIRM has built a coalition of clinicians and researchers to partner with private sector financial resources in order to fund public health research of gun violence.

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Together we can protect our children, communities, and friends against the epidemic of gun violence.

The public’s health is our job.  Help us get to work.