What We Do

The time is now.
Let’s curb this trend.

AFFIRM’s team of researchers and clinicians will find lasting solutions to curb the trend of epidemic of gun violence across the United States. Our funding goes directly to research and medical experts who can implement life saving programs that will stop the shooters before they shoot. Our work will:

  • Inform protocols for everyone working on the frontlines of healthcare in the United States
  • Innovate sophisticated solutions to engage and connect our network to other first responders and stakeholders
  • Create education and information for healthcare professionals and the public

From reparative care
to preventative care

In the past, acts of violence have brought us together. But as they happen more and more we now face new threats: indifference and acceptance. The normalization of these shocking events is stretching the moral fabric of our great nation, attacking our social structure, and threatening our way of life. We are slowly being torn apart, and this is when any nation becomes most vulnerable. We should not tolerate this and allow this to continue. We should not cease to care.

How do we repair the heartbreak that is ripping small and large communities apart? We should take a stand and choose to work on solutions that will prevent, rather than get stuck in a position where we have no choice other than repair the damage done. We have reached the tipping point. We must act now.

“The meeting, words of encouragement, and fellowship all helped to lift a burden. AFFIRM helps us to heal.”

tom o’neal

father of dr. tamara o’neal

Our Approach


protocols for
healthcare professionals


injury and
risk of harm


the violence that is disrupting
our lives and shaking our communities

Headline News

The epidemic of violence has reached over 7.5 billion people globally

Media coverage of the shocking events plaguing our nation captures how much these incidents touch all of our lives — in the initial impact and the aftershocks. And the numbers tell a clear story: we all see the increase in the numbers of seemingly unpredictable firearm injuries and deaths, and no one is immune to the effects. It has become a part of our daily lives. It affects us all.

We are empowered to represent the collective will of the nation in our efforts to curb the violence. AFFIRM’s mission and vision have been embraced by all who are dedicated to finding and implementing solutions, and continue to inspire and activate people to get involved.


With acts of violence occurring nearly every day across our country, no one is sitting on the sidelines. We’re all on the frontlines together. AFFIRM Nation unites people from all parts of the United States to become a part of the solution. We connect the dots by providing access to education, networks between experts and clinicians, and access to resources for the people who want to make a difference within every community.

Your contribution mattersTogether we will solve this and save lives. JOIN US in our mission.



For information on joining our network, opportunities with AFFIRM, and all media inquiries, please connect with us via email, phone, or the contact form.

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