Teenagers and Firearms

by Amy Zeidan

Edited by Nikita Joshi, MD and Utsha Khatri, MD   Many physicians are first exposed to the devastation of firearm injuries in their work practice. My first experience came much earlier, when I was just 13 years old. I grew up living a very normal American life, complete with loving-parents, a brother, dog, sports, and school, […]

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Suicide, Guns, and Why Research Matters

by Sean Erreger

It is an all too common occurrence here in the United States: mass shootings occur, and the same sequence of events occur. First, there are outpourings of frustration, then grief, and then comes the political commentary. The course is tragically predictable, and even the ensuing debates feel tired. Columbine, Sandy Hook, The Pulse Nightclub, and […]

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This Is My Lane

by Melissa Parsons

My dad didn’t have any sons, so I got to break all the stereotypical gender roles. I was taught to hunt at a young age, received my first shotgun at the age of 12, and have been surprising

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Spinal Cord Injury

by Scott Casey

Spinal cord gunshot wounds are more common than you think and more devastating than you can imagine. What can we learn from victims?

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No More Empty Desks

by Robin Cogan

Forced absence from gun violence has created a literal and metaphorical void in schools across our country that may impact students and staff for decades

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