Organizational Resources

American Association for Emergency Psychiatry

The AAEP supports evidence-based, compassionate care for behavioral emergencies through research, education, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

American Medical Association

The American Medical Association has announced a new physician CME to help doctors learn how to discuss firearmsafety in the clinical setting.

UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program

The UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program highlights simple, focused interventions, that can be implemented by physicians to reduce firearm injury and death. This website provides resources (peer-reviewed articles, training materials, videos, and more) to support physicians in this endeavor. The program was created with the support of AFFIRM partners and Research Council members.

U Michigan: Firearm Injury Course

This link provides physicians with skills and tools for talking with their patients about firearm injury prevention, and safety counseling. The University of Michigan Firearm Injury Course is a 35-minute video course with accompanying downloadable handout.

National Institute of Justice: Gun Violence Prevention

U.S. Department of Justice agency, the National Institute of Justice, is dedicated to improving knowledge and understanding of crime and justice issues through scientific research.  This link provides access to information regarding NIJ gun violence prevention programs and strategies.

Massachusetts Medical Society: Firearm Violence Resources

The Massachusetts Medical Society worked with multiple clinicians (including AFFIRM advisory board members) to create a webinar (with accompanying downloadable slides) on the topic of talking to patients about gun safety. Printable educational materials for both patient and physician are also available.

Annals of Internal Medicine: Talking to Our Patients About Firearm Injury

The Annals of Internal Medicine website provides access to a brief video introduction and multiple other resources to help physicians counsel at-risk patients about firearm safety.

American Public Health Association: Gun Violence

The APHA website provides open access to research related to gun violence published in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Public Health.

American Psychological Association: Recommendations to Prevent Gun Violence

The APA supports evidence-based programs and policies to prevent death and injuries from firearms, using a comprehensive public health approach.

AFFIRM Agenda 2018

Overview of the epidemiology and prevention of firearm injury. A slide deck that can be used for presentations in your own community.

Overview Articles & Research Agendas

Journal Articles

Topic: Mental Health, Suicide & Gun Violence
Topic: Physician-Patient Communications
Topic: Physician-Patient Communications
Topic: Physician-Patient Communications
Topic: Mental Health, Suicide & Gun Violence
Topic: Mental Health, Suicide & Gun Violence
Topic: Intimate Partner Violence
Topic: Gun Homicides & Mass Shootings
Topic: Firearm Injury
Topic: Firearm Injury
Topic: Firearm Injury