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AFFIRM Research

Writing in the Houston Chronicle, Drs. Dark, Fischer and Ranney articulate how addressing the epidemic of gun violence in America is the purview of healthcare providers.  Gun violence is an epidemic, and solving epidemics is what the healthcare community does best.

“Good research can make a difference. Medical research solved AIDS but physicians never took away sex. Medical research and public health interventions have dramatically reduced deaths and injury from car crashes but physicians never took away cars. Medical research can solve gun violence and firearm injury and physicians will not take away all guns.”

The American Foundation for Firearm Injury Reduction in Medicine (AFFIRM Research) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation comprised of healthcare professionals and researchers working together to find lasting solutions to curb the epidemic of firearm injury occurring across the United States. Our funding goes directly to research that will inform protocols for everyone working on the frontlines of healthcare, innovate sophisticated solutions to engage and connect our network to other first responders and stakeholders, and create education and information for healthcare professionals and the public.

AFFIRM was founded, and is led by healthcare providers who are dedicated to ending the American epidemic of gun violence, through research that fills critical knowledge gaps, changes the way we address violence prevention, and leads to meaningful change.  Our coalition includes all of our nation’s major medical organizations. The AFFIRM network represents the collective will of medicine. We stand ready to put in place evidence-based solutions that will end this epidemic.

AFFIRM creates an opportunity for every American to invest in solutions to the firearm injury epidemic, and to directly support the professionals who design, implement, and evaluate the public health approach. The work we do together will be the legacy of our generation – and will safeguard and protect all generations to come.

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